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7 Simple Terms and Conditions

Our news site attracts thousands of tenants and landlords in New Zealand’s special corner of the world, and we achieve this by publishing quality content that is consistent, accessible, and legible. If you’re interested in being seen by the community we’ve created, it’s really important that you submit content that aligns with Rental News readers and takes on board the 7 simple terms and conditions.

  1. Rental News reserves the right to edit content contributions for length, wordiness, spelling and grammar. Headlines and subheadings may also be changed or added in order to fit with layout or specifications. Content should look similar to content.
  2. If you do not provide an image for your content we will source one for you. Images should be 1200 x 628 px and be in png, or jpeg format.
  3. Once published, changes to the article will only be made for factual correctness.
  4. We need three working days once your request has been received to prepare, subedit, proof and schedule your post. If you require a particular announcement date, please work that into your submission timeline so that it launches on your preferred date.
  5. All content submissions must deliver information in a manner that is accessible. This means avoiding jargon and catering to a reading age of 12.
  6. By providing content to Rental News, you acknowledge that you are a copyright holder of the content being submitted for publication.
  7. By providing content to Rental News, you acknowledge that the content is not hateful. To elaborate, this means it does not harass, bully, defame, or cause any unnecessary or unlawful harm to any person or organisation without cause.

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