Free background checking tool popular among Wellington landlords

Recent stats show that Doublecheck was used 4.8 x more by Wellington landlords this week than when it first launched in December.
A feature of the renting App Proper, the rapid rise in the tool’s popularity coincides with an increase in TradeMe property listings for the Wellington region.
There are currently over one thousand Wellington properties listed for rent on TradeMe, with landlord Steven Webb praising the app’s services during the tenant-finding period.
“I found Proper to be a useful tool at this busy time of year. Finding new tenants takes a lot of work, but I found using Proper made my life a lot easier.”
“After the viewing, I was easily able to shortlist my preferred candidates and then use the free background checker. These days there are many sources of tenant info, but Doublecheck brings it all together in one report,” says Webb.
The Proper App’s free screening tool is an important gain for owners wanting peace of mind in their tenant decisions.
Connected to three national databases holding over ten years of records, landlords can conduct their own free background checks by going to
After filling in their own information, all the landlord requires from the tenant are their basic details, a valid license, and their approval to begin the search.
For more information on Doublecheck see the link below:

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