Sometimes, we have to compromise on aspects of a property, whether that be the location, price, or size. If you’ve had to downsize, and don’t know how you’re going to make such a tiny space livable, here are a few simple tips to help make life a little bit easier and more comfortable.

Make the most of natural light.

Making sure that you’re keeping windows and blinds open to let in light is going to make your property feel so much brighter and open, and will make everything feel a little more spacious and open. Dark rooms tend to feel smaller, and so this is an easy first step to feeling a little less constricted. 

Decluttering is your friend.

If you’ve just moved in, and have found that you’ve suddenly got so much more stuff than you remember, or even if you’ve lived in your property for a while and keep wondering where all this clutter is coming from, it’s time to declutter and get rid of it.

Be ruthless. If you’re finding things that you forgot you even owned, you can probably get rid of it. If it’s not useful, doesn’t work, or isn’t sentimentally important, you don’t need it.

Get creative with storage.

If you’re finding that you don’t have quite enough room in the storage that you already have available to you, it might be worth looking around and seeing where you’ve got spare space, and seeing how you could turn that into a new storage area.

If you can, maybe attach some shelves to that blank wall, or invest in a floor-to-ceiling storage unit. You’d be surprised just how much extra storage space this can create, freeing up space elsewhere. It might even be worth investing in bedframes with built-in storage, or that are raised off the ground, so you can store things under the bed. 

Tidy regularly.

General messiness always makes living spaces feel smaller and cramped than they actually are. If you make a habit of tidying as you go, cleaning up mess before you go to bed, or just whenever you’ve got a spare moment, it won’t even feel like work, and your living space is going to feel so much less cluttered.

Invest in mirrors.

Putting a few mirrors around your home will create the illusion of adding extra space. This step is useful if you’ve maximised the amount of storage in your home, and are looking for a little extra something. 

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. If anything else, it provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with how you’re presenting and using your space. Making a small property feel like home can be a lot of fun, and it gives you a chance to really play around with decoration and presentation. Being forced to be mindful of the amount of ‘stuff’ you have lying around can be a great start to keeping a less cluttered life.

Featured photo by Samule Sun on Unsplash.


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